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Professional Gamblers Who Are They and How Do You Become Like Them

So who exactly is a professional gambler? A professional gambler is generally believed to be a person who has been living on gambling and has been spending most of his time in the casino They are the ones who are actually earning their pay checks by guessing the best and right bets while they are playing on the casino tables. This is something that is more like their average salary. Through our blog we will go through some of the misconceptions when it comes to gambling, along with the live examples gathered through people who are professional gamblers.

The professional gamblers and their lifestyle has been portrayed by both the Bollywood and the Hollywood industry. You will get to see men who are dressed up sharply followed by women who are in some of their best gowns and both are having their best times. They are not just winning money but are even eating at 5 star restaurant’s and drinking one of the best champagne, and the most important they actually lose out money as much as they can. The reality of casino is much different from what is shown

How do you become a professional Gambler?

The very first thing you need to do here is forget each and everything that you have seen in the movies or have been reading about a professional gambler. One of the things that generally turn out to happen when you take the first level of the Advantage play is card counting, where you notice the black jack players everywhere especially on the graveyard shift of Las Vegas Casino. You will be able to find a card counter in at least one of these tables. These are individuals who are having great skills out of which some are the black jack basic strategy players with minimal betting, followed by the others who use the adjusted strategy plays and has an aggressive bet spread. The point here is there are several different ways where you could attack casino games especially black jack, and the more complex the entire system turns out to be the less likely will be the techniques that are discovered.

Sometimes when the players do not have really good skills they actually begin to question themselves. But the reality here is that the advantage gaming is a kind of gloomy business where you are just losing out your streak and nothing more than that. And when you are on the positive side of the spectrum its just like taking a candy from an candy hating baby. But the truth here is that the mentality of all these advantage players is equal to a maniac depressant, where most beginnings and the novice players are either high or very low. It is only the elite professionals who curb to their emotional state making sure that it does not affect the other aspects of their life.

Gambling is generally considered to be appealing due to the simple methods that it represents while playing, and most individuals are having a really good time while they are playing. Gambling is something that should be played just for fun and with minimal losses, as most of the players don’t win and just lose in the games they have been playing.


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